Novelty socks for women

Cocks on socks novelty socks for women are a classy gift for everyone to enjoy.  They’re not just funny, but actually great, comfortable socks that you can wear all year round!

The schlong on our socks is designed to be as inoffensive and cartoonish as can be so that you dont feel like your walking around with a target on your back.  Its been compared to a snail, the letter ‘J’ and a hockey puck, but really its non of those things.  It’s a willy, with pink end.

Novelty socks size guide

All of our cotton novelty socks are available in two sizes Small and Medium (subject to availability) and its basically Small = Women and Medium = Men.

The small size is suitable for UK shoe size 2 and upwards and the medium from UK men’s shoe size 5 and upwards.

What was the inspiration behind cocks on socks?

Basically, ive always been inspired by my dick so I decided to combine my lifelong love affair with my naval with my need for warm feet.  Luckily I was able to find a couple of friends who shared my enthusiasm and cocks on socks was born.

When can you wear cotton socks?

Cotton socks are great for almost all occasions, you can even wear them in bed.  Our socks are particularly good for sports, especially tennis

Will there be other designs of socks?

Yes, in 2020 we added Bamboo socks and hand-dyed small-batch socks in a wide range of colours to the cocks on socks fam and there’s more to come in 2021, watch this space (for sign up to our newsletter)