Novelty socks for men

man legs wearing cocks on socks

Novelty socks for men

If truth be told, as much as we like to make a big song and dance about the unmatched quality of our white cotton socks, cocks on socks are at heart, a novetly sock company.

Its the cocks that makes our socks special and make them the best novetly socks from men around.

So what is it that your average 21st century bloke looks for in a pair of novetly socks?

We think that most people expect a pair of novetly socks to raise a smile, but comfort and wearability are obviously key too.  Their's no point in making everybody fall about laughing if you're in total fucking agony.

We've spaired not effort in making the socks both funny, comfortable and waerable, working closley with artisans in the far east to select materials and manufacturing procsses.

What's special about the cock?

The cock, on cocks on socks novetly socks for men, is designed to be as inoffensive and benign as a penis can possibly be.  Its flaccid and cartoonish, likened to a pair of airpods on reddit, its supposed to as neutral as a schlong can be in this day and age.

white novetly socks for men hanging on a washing line


So when should you buy novetly socks?

Fathers day socks

There are many, many occassions when socks makes a great present.  These include fathers day, what father doesnt appriciate a great pair of socks?

You may see it as a little cliche but most fathers actually look forward to getting socks.  It saves them having to go out and buy them, which is great becuase most dads fucking hate shopping.  I know mine does.  

Don't be afriad to get your dad socks for fathers day, his birthday or christmas, if not all 3.

Secret santa gift under £10

Another time when socks make  great gift.  Many companies enforce a limit on the amount you can spend for an office secret santa.  At just £7.99 cocks on socks white cotton sports socks make an excellent seret santa gift for under £10, with room to spare!

Just for fun

Who says you need an occassion to buy someone a present? We've heard of people buying these socks as a gift, just becuase they think they are funny socks and somebody they love will appriciate them.  If that isn't the purest, sweetest thing then we dont know what is.

white cotton sports socks and a tennis racket on a blue background

Who wears novetly socks these days?

Cocks socks white novetly cotton socks are sports socks.  Made to be worn when playing sports or down the gym.  They are comfortable, heard wearing and absorbant.  Train in cocks on socks white novetly cotton sports socks for men and get great results.  Atheltes, from tennis players to boxers and footballers wear cocks on socks.  That's who wears cocks on socks.

Funny socks to wear at a wedding

Weddings are wonderful family occassionas, the joining of two people in holy matrimony.  A great time to bang out a pair of novetly socks then. Make your parents blush, your grandparents confused and watch the joke go right over the heads of the kids in attendance.  We reccomend the black bamboo socks with black or white cocks on for weddings.