Liscensing and distribution

Cocks on socks is based in the UK but we're an ambitious bunch and we'd like to spread the sock love to all corners of the globe.  We'd love you to get in touch if youd like to be involved in spreading the message in selected territories.

Distribute cocks on socks in Australia

We get a loads of sales from the land of OZ, there must be something about our willy socks that really speaks to the psyche of the modern Australian and we want to offer a much better service to our Australian customers.

The logistical challenges of shipping to Australia are clear, its fucking miles away and the cost of postage is often more than the cost of the socks.

We need an Australian based partner who can help us to distribute our socks and help the brand grow.

If you would like to start on the path to becoming a phallic hoisery tycoon then e-mail

Distribute cocks on socks in America

America's not quite as far away as Australia is but its still kinda far.  Shipping ends up being pretty pricy for our American cousins and wait times are long.  We wanna be getting our socks to people next day and at a much lower cost and we think the best way to do this is to bring a distribution partner on board.