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Be the face of cocks on socks by becoming a certified Cocks on socks Influencer and Brand Ambassador.

Cocks on socks is a premium sock company based out of London, England who specialze in novelty socks for men and novelty socks for women.

At Cocks on socks, we believe that socks are an expression of our personality, really.

We believe there's always room for fun. That every day is a great to wear socks with penises on them, and there's no room in life for regrets.

We believe in spontaneity, grabbing life by the balls, and always pushing the limit of what we can achieve.

Perks of becoming a certified Influencer and Brand Ambassador include:

  • Free Cocks on socks Welcome Package
  • Heavy Discounts on Products
  • Invitations to Cocks on Socks Sponsored Events

Do you have what it takes to become a Cocks on socks Influencer or Brand Ambassador?

Minimum Requirements:

  • At least 5,000 Followers on Social Media (can be a combined total on various platforms)
  • Live in the UK

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