Funny hen party gift under £10

women on a hen party wearing dressing gowns


It's said that the dressing gown is the most underated of garments.  Feeling sad? wear a dressing gown, had a bath? wear a dressing gown, going through a bad break up and eating a whole tub of ice cream to yourself? Dressing gown.  Hen party, multiple DRESSING GOWNS!

Well, what's often overlooked, is that the dressing gown aint shit without socks.  Like tea and biscuits, Trump and racisim, they just go together.

Funny hen party gift for under £10

If you walk around the house in a dressing gown but no socks, then people will think you're mad and rightly so.

If, like the women above, you're at a hen party, you're all wearing dressing gowns and downing procecco like James Corden downs friend chicken then you need to get yourself some fine socks to finish off the look.

But you don't wanna spend a fortune, maybe no more than £10?  Then the only choice for you is the classic white cotton socks from cocks on socks. We couldnt think of a better hen party gift under £10.  They only cost £7.99 and shipping options start at 99p so youd actually get change from a tenner.

They look and feel like socks twice the price, or so we've been told.

hen party socks 

 A funny hen party gift is hard to find these days, rising inflation and the credit crunch have pushed up the price of hen party gifts like you wouldn't believe.

The penis is a sure fire winner and inventive designers have found a way to incorporate a phallus into all manner of products.