Yellow socks

Edward Fleming

Yellow socks

Yellow is a primary colour and there are loads of things that are the colour yellow.  Popular fruits, Bananas and Lemons are both yellow as are tennis balls, the sun and New York taxis. 


East Anglian football team Norwich City are one of the few teams to play in yellow, sporting yellow shirts, green shorts and yellow socks when appearing at home or away providing the opposition colours dont clash.

Double European cup winners, Nottingham Forest have at various points used the colour as the basis for their away strips.  Fans of British football in the 1990’s may remember their classic ‘pizza topping’ away kit.  The kit was worn the last time the club appeared in a European club competition when they faced Bayern Munich at the Olympiastadion, bravely losing 2-1, despite a cracking diving header from central defender Steve Chettle.

There are various international sides who use yellow for their kits - Jamaica, Columbia, Sweden and Brazil are probably the most well known of these.

Yellow socks for men

Socks are a vital part of most peoples daily outfits, forming a barrier between the foot and the shoe.  Socks can be any colour, including yellow.

Men are renowned for wearing socks in all weathers and to all occasions, with many choosing cotton socks.


Yellow gemstones

Citrine is a variety of the mineral Quartz which is yellow.  Sapphires and diamonds can also be yellow.

Black and yellow socks

What's the first thing you think of when you hear ‘black and yellow’? Well if you're anything like me, it's the song - ‘Black and yellow’ by Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa.  The 2010 hit repeats the words Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, uh hu, in an apparent reference to Wiz’s car when growing up in Pittsburgh, a yellow dodge challenger with black stripes.

Bumble bees are also black and yellow.  Bee’s are vital for the pollination of flowers, the creation of honey and are the symbol of manchester.  The 2006 feature film Bee Movie, depicted the lives of Bee’s using 3D animation to rave reviews.

Fast forward to 2021 and black and yellow socks are a trend not to be ignored.  In reality, it's hard to find a sock that features both colours in a single sock so a mixture can be a good alternative.

This black and yellow sock multi-pack allow you to purchase 2 pairs of socks, one black and one yellow.  This inventive multipack means you can either wear two yellow socks, two black socks or one black and one yellow sock.  If you dare.

Yellow socks women's

Women,  much like men, like to wear a variety of colours when it comes to socks.  It often depends on the season, their mood and what's in fashion as to what colour socks to wear.  Yellow women's socks come in a wide variety of styles.

yellow womens socks

Things that are yellow

There's a long, long list of things that are yellow and indeed there are various different types of yellow.  As well as the examples we’ve mentioned so far sunflowers, cheese, rubber ducks, corn, tulips, tape measures and the Simpsons are all yellow.

In America, school buses are yellow though we’re not really sure why.

Japanese cartoon character Pikachu from the Pokemon series is yellow.

Yellow car

The game yellow car is popular in the UK as yellow cars are somewhat rare in the country.  Upon seeing a yellow car, the aim of the game is to hit the person you are playing with.  In general, the aim of the game is not to seriously injure your opponent.  The actual aim of the game, the scoring system, its origin and active players are not known.

Yellow in popular culture

British pop band Coldplay released a song titled ‘yellow’ in 2002 and legendary scouse pop ground the Beatles icon song ‘yellow submarine’ reached number 1 in the charts all the way back in 1952.

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