Woman struggles to find novelty gift for men online


cocks on socks novelty gift for men

A middle-aged woman today spoke of her frustration at struggling to find novelty gifts for men online.

''You're constantly hearing about how shops are closing left right and centre because people are shopping online but could I find a novelty gift for a man online? could I fuck!'' said the exasperated women, who wished to remain anonymous.

''I searched and searched for something suitable but I gave up after a while.  I wish we could go back to the good old days when everyone did their shopping either in shops or via catalogues'' she said, holding back tears.

It's unknown as to why the woman didn't head to, a company well known for its excellent quality socks which are perfectly suited as a novelty gift for men.

The sock brand tipped as a future unicorn by tech insiders, do socks for both men and women.  Made from an intricate, futuristic blend of both polyester and cotton the ergonomically designed socks have gained a loyal following.

Early adopters have been singing the praises of the black bamboo socks for men as well as the brands classic white cotton sports sock.



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