Woman joins gym, forgets to wear socks.

Woman working out at gym wearing orange trousers


In a completely reasonable and sensible move, a woman has joined a gym in an attempt to get fit.  The 20 something rocket scientist from Edmonton, North London , joined her local fitness club and has immediately signed up for classes including pilates, legs bums and tums and spinning.

Speaking to cocks on socks, the woman spoke of initially being nervous about entering an environment she was unaccustomed to, but being excited about being talked down to by instructors and having to wipe other people sweat off the machines.

It was only later, after embarking on a mammoth 200 sit up marathon that she realised she had forgotten to wear her white cotton sports socks, from cocks on socks, and would in all likelihood end up with sweaty, smelly feet.

''Let this come as a lesson to all gym goers'', said regular gym user Luke Graham ''always wear cotton sports socks by cocks on socks when you go to the gym'', himself sporting a pair of white cotton sports socks and whose feet smell like roses. 

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white sports socks for women

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