Woman finds socks hilarious

Edward Fleming

woman laughing about her funny socks

We were contacted this week by delighted customer, Julia Smith who wished to express to us how happy she was with her new socks.

''I just love my new socks'' she wrote.  ''I was away in Amsterdam for my friend's hen party and her maid of honour bought everyone these novelty white cotton socks for women''

''They are so comfy and the penis is lovely, everyone finds them so funny and I wear them wherever I go, work, the gym, even in bed''


Julia, a fictional freelance illustrator based in Ipswich, revealed she is such a fan of the socks that she is planning on giving the socks to her family as a Christmas gift.

''I think I will get my cousin George the white socks for men, as he's a man and has size 11 feet.  He loves working out and I think these would make excellent gym socks''

''Uncle Bob works in an office and has very sensitive feet so the black bamboo socks for men will be perfect.  He's a great uncle so I think I will get him two pairs, one pair of socks for men with a black cock and one with a white cock.  I'm not sure what his wife will make of it but who cares''

It is unclear what exactly Julia was hoping to gain by e-mailing the sock supplier directly with this information.


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