Why bamboo is a great material for making socks

Edward Fleming

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bamboo shoots bamboo is a material you can make socks out of

When you think of bamboo, you probably think of a happy panda munching away on some shoots, well now you can add socks to that cheerful scene in your head.

Bamboo is great because it grows very quickly, this means that you can harvest the plant multiple times a year, you can do more with less.  This is great for land use and helps to stop de-forestation.

Bamboo also uses less water than trees, about half as much according to some studies and requires no irrigation.

As a plant that uses photosynthesis, bamboo absorbs CO2 and produces oxygen.  One hectare of land planted with bamboo with absorb more CO2 and produce more oxygen than land with newly planted trees.

Most of the commercially grown bamboo in the world comes from China, an area of the world that the plant is native to.

Black bamboo socks with brown brogues

Black bamboo socks from cocks on socks

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