Wear warm socks this winter plead UK doctors

Edward Fleming

doctor in a white coat wearing white cotton socks


A group of concerned doctors in the UK have pleaded with people to keep their feet warm this winter by wearing warm socks.  The plea comes amid a spike of people being admitted to hospital with cold feet and frozen toes last winter, many of whom, weren't wearing any socks because they couldn't find any nice enough.

''Luckily, people have the option to buy socks from cocks on socks this year.  They are smart, comfortable and warm, we urge everyone who can, to buy socks from cocks on socks,'' said Dr Foster from his Gloucester surgery.

The cotton blend socks, now available with either a black or white penis, have the thumbs up from the general medical council, who hope the socks will relieve pressure on hospitals who are reeling in the wake of cuts by Boris Johnson, whom they describe as 'a cunt'.

'We saw some terribly cold feet last year' said a Brighton based  GP ' I'm not sure we can handle a repeat this year, the system is at breaking point'


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The socks , that retail at £7.99 and can be bought online with free delivery, are known to keep feet toasty warm and its hoped this fact alone will stop many people from being admitted to hospital.

Doctors were keen to quash reports that the socks were some kind of miracle cure

''If you've got chlamydia, a bad back or the shits then the socks will be no good to you at all, I mean you'll look great, there may be some placebo effect from this but , medically, the only thing these socks can solve is cold feet'' said a respected  physician from Devon.

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