We built this city on sock and roll

We built this city,

We built this city on sock and roll.

We built this,

We built this city on sock and roll.

la la la la la la,


If you thought this was going to be a full-on, clever, word or word adaptation of the classic 80's rock hit, then you'd be wrong.  Id had this song in my head for ages and since my life seems to revolve around socks these days, I couldn't help myself but change the word rock, to sock.  Hopefully, now I have committed this to type, I can move on with my life.  Who knows, maybe some idiot will turn it into a Christmas number one.  Like last year.

Actually, fuck it, lets make this into a competition.

If you want to win one of our new multi-racial multi-packs then write the verses for 'We built this city on sock and roll' , post it on youtube,vimeo, tic-toc or whatever platform you kids are using to makes fools of yourselves on these days and we'll pick a winner. At some point.

the multi-pack from cocks on socks, black and white cotton sports socks

Go nuts guys.

There's no time limit to this, honestly, we've no budget to promote this competition, id be amazed if anyone ever saw it, let alone entered.

Good luck, all the best

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