Trump trade tariffs sees silly sock start-up supply struggle

Edward Fleming

Trumps says, make socks great again

In what is probably the most concerning and upsetting of the effects of Donald Trump's trade war with China, UK based socks start-up, Cocks on socks, faces a supply shortage ahead of the Christmas period.

''We're not sure we'll be able to get socks out to everyone who has put them on their Christmas list this year'' said a concerned-looking employee this morning.

''We've got 3,500 pairs as of right now, but orders are coming in thick and fast, its going to be tight, our advice is, if you want cocks on socks for Christmas, order in advance, the earlier the better''


It was initially thought that it was a fuck-up by the buying and management team that led to the supply shortage, however, those initially thought to be responsible have revealed that it is in fact down to the Trump regime and not them. 


Socks held up in container port


'Cocks on socks trademark novelty white cotton socks are sourced from artisans in China's historic Ningo province and they have been hit hard by limits and tarriffs impossed by the current American administration 'said a spokesperson for cocks on socks.

Economics experts have yet to figure out how exactly the trade war between China and the US are able to impact sock sales to the UK.

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