The best named places in Britain

Edward Fleming

If there's one thing that Britain is not short of, its places with funny names.  There really are loads of places, from tiny villages to roads and walkways, we've picked out the best so you don't have to.

I'm not sure what it is about us Brit's and adorably rude place names, just something we're naturally good at I suppose.

If possible, we'll give you a bit of an insight into how these places got their hilarious names but its a tricky job, some of these places are so old that nobody really knows.


Cockington, Devon

Back passage, London

We've all got one, but probably not as wide as this .  This walkway in London

Cockintake, Staffordshire

For some reason, this place makes me think of your mum.  I'm only joking, I'm sure the rumours aren't true

Crapstone, Devon

Faggot, Northumberland

Yes, there really is a place called Faggot, well according to some maps anyway. It's actually a tiny little island off the coast of Northumberland.  This place must be small, it not names on Google maps and its unclear if you can actually step foot on faggot or not.  Whether or not you can visit, we're just glad it exists.

Golden Balls, Oxfordshire

Long Lover Lane, Halifax

Menlove Avenue, Liverpool

This place just sounds great, doesn't it? Famous as the road where John Lennon lived as a child, we think that's the only second best things about this long road in the city of Liverpool.  

Shittington, Bedfordshire

Titty Hill, Sussex

Dick Court, Lanarkshire

I can only imagine the things that go on at Dick Court.  It's cold up there in Lanarkshire, Scotland so I hope 

Twatt, Orkney

Rimswell, East Riding of Yorkshire


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