Socks with penis on

Edward Fleming


Congratulations, you've reached the end of your search, if there’s one thing that we definitely do do here at cocks on socks, its socks with penis on.

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An embroidered penis no less, in 2 different skin colours.

We launched our classic cotton sports socks in 2018 and we're delighted to say that we're still going strong, despite what 2020 has thrown at us.

Socks with penis on

Our socks are a healthy mix of cotton and polyester, woven by artisans in the far east.  They're comfortable, long-lasting and they look great.  The penis is designed to be fun an inoffensive.

Maybe that’s not what you want from a penis, who knows? 

Its floppy and cartoonish, designed to appeal to a wide audience.  Who knows in the future we might add some different style Willys. In fact, we've already dabbled with an erect, gold schlong with wings in our limited edition collab with British jewellery designer Elsa Tierney.

Gold socks with penis onGold willy with wings

The limited edition socks design was based on a pendant that Elsa made in collaboration with a client.  The designs inspiration comes from the penises of Pompeii.

Elsa Tierney gold pendant

We love a limited editition and there's loads more exciting stuff in the pipeline for the rest of 2020 and beyond.  Our market research suggest that the whole socks with penis genre is just getting going and could turn out to be a massive trend for 2021.

When should I buy socks with penis on?

There's loads of occasions when rocking socks with a penis on is a great idea.  We've got a large gay following and we're big news in the hen party scense.  We're also happy to be part of conversations around sexual health, identity and race.

Really, there's no occassion when our socks arnt suitable but most often people buy them at Christmas as a jokey gift for a loved one or banging secret santa present.

Christmas is by far our busiest time though as our socks are great for sports we see spikes are major tennis tournaments like Wimbeldon and the French Open Tennis Championships, with our classic white cotton socks being the most popular.

Tennis players love socks with penis on.

Socks with penis on


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