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Edward Fleming

We're using the launch of our hand-dyed blue socks to enter the debate about socks and sliders. If you have any thoughts on the matter then drop us a line, you can find us on twitter or on insta @cocksonsocksdotcom

blue socks and sliders


Socks and sliders - Go for it!

No really, this is a big trend and we’re jumping right on it.  Honestly, the stigma that this kind of combo has garnered over the years is ridiculous.  It's practical and warm and really that should be all that matters, especially as the nights draw in and we hunker down for whatever this winter brings.

Not warm in the way a wooly jumper or bobble hat is, we're thinking somewhere in between fluffy slippers and barefoot. That's the gap that socks and sliders fill.

Can I wear socks and sliders in public?

Countless celebs, including proper A-listers like David Beckham and Justin Beiber, aren't afraid to rock this look in public, and neither should you be.

Like any emerging trend, there are no hard and fast rules.  If you’re getting in on the ground floor then don't be afraid to experiment and go for it.  Mix up colours, brands, styles and sock length.

Should I wear socks and sliders around the house?

I'll be honest and admit that I often walk around in just a pair of socks and while I mostly wear cocks on socks, socks that are tough and durable enough to stand hours of this kind of abuse, there is a better way.

Sliders help to protect your socks and that's gotta be a good thing. 

We love the blue and black combo.

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