Smart black bamboo socks

Edward Fleming

Rude socks uk

Even today, in 2020 a penis is still considered rude and that’s exactly why we put it on socks.  Rude socks are great but we’ve tried to be subtle about it. You can get socks that say fuck or other swear words but really there’s no need to be offensive, that’s why we’ve gone for a floppy, cartoony member that will cause you to smile not gasp.

Smart novelty socks

Diverse and inclusive cocks on socks is a novelty sock brand based in north London and with stockists all over the UK as well as in Sweden, the US and Lithuania.

Smart black bamboo socks

Novelty black bamboo socks with a funny symbol on.  Suitable for smart occasions like work and other formal events.  Made from bamboo, super comfy, machine washable and just all-round brilliant socks.  Friends for your feet.

Only £7.99

Socks designed in the UK

Cocks on socks is a British socks brand based in North London.  The brand started life at Central St Martins with 2 students studying jewellery design.  Along with another friend who put some cash in to buy our first 500 socks, we started Cocks on socks in 2018.

All of our socks are designed in the UK and we’ve worked with artists Evie Price and Elsa Tierney to create some very limited editions. Future collector’s items surely.

Made from Bamboo

Bamboo grows in many regions of the world and while you might think its just Panda food, it can actually be used for all sorts of things like building and making socks!

Bamboo is a great material for making socks because it has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  It’s also soft and comfortable and wicks moisture away from the skin similar to cotton.





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