Sex positive socks

Edward Fleming

For us here at Cocks on socks, our foray into the world of phallic hosiery has been a stimulating journey.  It all started as a bit of joke, it still is a joke, putting a willy on a sock, we're pleased to say still raises a smile.

We really didn't think that much into the whole thing, funny website name plus indearing penis based product = online business.

What we've learnt since is that we can use our product and our voice to be part of the conversation about many of the days' important issues, not least sex, gender and race.

We've always tried to be aware of the impact the image of a schlong can have.  For this reason, we've always tried to make our member as friendly and inoffensive as possible.  Its deliberately floppy and cartoony, not necessarily recognisable at first glance.

The reaction we've had has been almost universally positive, we've been really surprised by the diverse range of people we've been engaging with.  When we first launched the product we had a series of assumptions, one of which was that it was be viewed as an immature, 'boys and their toys type' product with some negative connotations and limited audience.


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