Seriously silly socks

Seriously silly socks

Socks are not only an absolutely essential item of clothing for most of us, but a chance to show off your silly side with some seriously silly socks!

As much as we’d like to, we can't walk around in multi-colored trousers and glittery top hats all the time (why not? I hear some of you cry) but we might be able to get away with some ‘out there’ socks.

why cant I wear silly socks all the time

As sad as it is, people don't generally spend that much time looking at your ankles so you're far less likely to be reprimanded at work for wearing some silly socks.  This is part of the thinking behind the design of our fun work socks, made from bamboo and adorned with a subtle male member.

The cock, on cocks on socks socks has been designed to be as benign, placid and inoffensive as a penis can possibly be meaning you can get away with wearing them in situations you may once have feared to tread.

This being said, there are some classy details that mark the embroidered logo out as a schlong.  The bright pink tip and proximity to a ball sack mostly.


seriously silly socks

We started off with plain white sports socks but as we’ve grown we’ve been able to add some crazy colours to our range and over the last couple of years the tie dye craze has given us the opportunity to experiment with a whole range of colours.  We’ve loved going with the flow and creating some multi colour designs that have gone down a storm!

What makes a sock silly?

In reality, no sock is really silly, it just becomes silly if worn even slightly out of context.  Such are the fashion rules we live by.  From a global perspective, what constitutes a seriously silly sock can differ significantly from region to region and from country to country.  In an especially conservatrive or authoritarian society a pair of socks in a slightly garish colour or maybe with stripes could be considered silly.

Luckily in the west, and especially in London where Cocks on socks is  based, we have a lot of freedom in how we dress so you have to go a bit further to shock with your socks.

Silly socks with stripes

Stripes are a mainstay of sock design and most seasoned sock designers will have a range of striped sock variations in their portfolio.  From the conservative to the downright outrageous its the width of the individual stipes, the colours and the frequency of the stripes that can make a striped sock design stand out.

Its often said in fashion that you have to learn the rules before you can break then.

Slogan socks

So slogan T’s were big in the 80’s and made something of a comeback in the 00’s but slogan socks are the big trend right now.  Obviously you're kind of limited as to what's going to fit on a sock but that hasn't stopped people from putting all kinds of slogans on their ankles.

Some of the most eye catching slogan socks have naugty words on but they don't have to.  Not everyone wants to wear a pair of socks with c*nt written on them.

slogan socks dont have to be rude

Crazy sock patterns

Fabric designers have one of the best jobs in the world, coming up with crazy patterns for all types of clothing but coming up with designs for socks is best of all.  Some patterns are classic and conservative, think herringbone or even a subtle polka dot but we’re interested in the outrageous and unusual.

Think bright colours, unusual shapes and motives arranged in patterns with non uniform spacing.  To be fair, even a fairly boring, sorry ‘classic’, style such as an argyle can be jazzed up with an interesting choice of colour.

socks with lips on them

Socks with ears

Admittedly these are mostly for children however this hasn't stopped some brave adults from stepping out wearing socks with ears on.  I actually really like these types of socks and I don't know why they aren't more of a thing.  A lot are animal themed however there are some that are based on fictional characters like Mr Spok and Yoda.

Celebrity silly socks

Some celebs are known for their wacky dress sense, pushing the boundaries when it comes to fashion and taking risks with their attire.  We’re always interested in what the stars are wearing in between their feet and their shoes so we’ve made a list of celebrities who’ve wowed us with their silly sock choices over the years.

Georgia May Jagger

David Beckham - Red socks

Sterling Knight - Stars

I don't recognise this celebrity

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