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Edward Fleming

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We love Christmas here at cocks on socks.  The relentless cheerfulness, the shite weather and the emptiness of the whole thing have failed to damped our enthusiasm for the best sales period of the year.

If you work in an office and have to look smart then we not only recommend buying our fashionable and comfortable black mens bamboo work socks, we also recommend sharing the love and buying either our novelty white cotton socks or our black novelty cotton sports socks for a colleague as a secret santa gift.

There are several positives that come with buying our socks and hardly any drawbacks, so few in fact that they are not worth mentioning.

Here are a list of the positives!

Why we think that cocks on socks are the best secret Santa gift.

1.  The socks are hilarious so people will also think you are hilarious

2. They only cost £7.99, so if your secret Santa budget is £10, you save money

3. The socks are actually really well made and are very comfortable.

4. You can use these sports socks for sport.

5. You will be supporting a local socks start-up.

6. A part of operating profits go to charity, so you will be helping people too.

7. They are quite small so are easy to hide at the office.

8. They arrive in plastic-free packaging.


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