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What are novelty socks?

Novelty socks are socks that are a bit different from the ordinary and generally contain a saying or some decoration that marks them out from being normal functional socks.

Novelty socks are often worn for special occasions such as at Christmas or they can be bought as a gift.  What defines a novelty sock has become more extreme over the years as fashion trends have become more varied and expressive.  In days gone by, having a bright color or a snazzy pattern would have been enough for a sock to be considered a novelty.  

However in 2020 that ain't gonna cut it.  You need something different to bring to the sock game.


Rude Novelty socks

A special sub-genre of novelty socks is rude novelty socks.  Rude novelty socks are probably the best and funniest type of novelty sock. To be rude, something probably needs to have something to do with sex, like a penis or some boobies. 

It could also have some swear words and most rude novelty socks fall into one of these categories.

Would you class cocks on socks as being a rude novelty sock?

Rude novelty socks can come in a whole range of colours and sizes.  There are many different sizes of sock to fit many different sizes of feet.

The best novelty socks uk?

There are loads of brands that are competing for the hearts and minds of the British sock buying public, but which one is the best?

Well, its a matter of opinion but there are some socks that really stand out, for instance, the white cotton sports socks from cocks on socks.  They are made from a high-quality cotton blend and feature a penis that was designed by a cutting edge designer at Central St Martins in London.

As well as cocks on socks, there are other sock brands in the UK.  The UK has a proud manufacturing tradition when it comes to clothes and fabric, though many of the mills that once clothed the world lay dormant.

While a lot of sock manufacturing has gone overseas, the UK continues to be an important center of sock design.

Novelty socks online

In 2020 and especially after the Coronavirus pandemic, online shopping has become more popular than ever and you can definitely find some great novelty socks online.

Obviously you can't try these socks on before you buy but you can get a great idea about them from pictures.

We recommend buying novelty socks from brands that are based in the UK as its important to support small local businesses!

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