Novelty socks for men

It's no secret that men love novelty socks but the question is, which novelty socks are the best novelty socks for men?

It's a tough one, there are loads of novelty socks for men out there.  All different colours, styles and sizes.  Some come in packs of one and others come in multipacks.  You can buy some online and some you can buy in shops, you can even buy some socks at a market. 

Novelty socks make people laugh and smile, sometimes so much the snort or wee themselves.

The best novelty socks for men, are, without doubt, cocks on socks white cotton sports socks with a brown cock on or with a white cock on.  As it turns out either a white or black penis are equally as funny.  There is just something funny about a penis.  On a sock.

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Our advice is if you want to play it safe and get the best novelty socks for men, cocks on socks.

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