Novelty socks for adults

Edward Fleming

man of a roof wearing a bowling shirt and socks

If you have an adult that you need to buy a gift for and you reckon that a pair of socks is a good idea, then why not consider either white or black cotton socks from cocks on socks?

They're novelty socks and they're for adults, they are made from a blend of cotton and polyester, they cost £7.99 and they have a magnificent penis on.

It's true that there are many options to consider when looking for socks and gifts in general, but socks are an old fave, a classic of the gift world.

The guy pictured above was in a bit of spot, he needed a gift for a mate.  A close friend, they had grown up together and shared a mutual love of novelty socks and cock. 

white novetly socks for adults on a grassy background

He headed over to the internet, as you do, and came across the cocks on socks website.  From there he simply added the items to cart, in this case, black bamboo mens work socks with a black penis and the brands classic white cotton sports socks, also with a black penis, selected his delivery options, and hey presto!

He was so pleased.

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