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Edward Fleming

We love a collab here at cocks on socks and sometimes you come across a product or person that matches so perfectly with what you do that you just gotta make it happen!

That was the case when we found Nielsen patterns on insta.  Check out her page and you’ll see why ;). So we got in touch, laid down the brief   Fast forward a couple of months and we’re delighted to present to you our first limited edition wrapping paper!

Socks, cocks and pastel colours what's not to love? We’re super proud of our first limited edition paper and its now available from our online store.  The paper can either be supplied separately to your socks or we’ll gift wrap them for you, at no extra charge.

Be quick though, we have just 70 in stock and when they’re gone they’re gone.

socks wrapping paper

wrapping paper


The woman behind Nielsen patterns is uber talented illustrator, pattern designer and marketing guru Diana Morales Nielsen.  Born in Columbia and resident in London for 9 years Diana started small, cutting her teeth on Spitalfields market in East London.  Today her etsy store has achieved Star seller status and has wracked up over 1,100 in sales.

Like for so many of us, Covid was something of a turning point for Diana, who had always doodled and created illustrations and it was durin the first lockdown that she created her etsy store.

‘’After that Covid arrived to the world, and, like many, I decided to open an Etsy shop, which has been an amazing decision. I have "e-met" amazing people with amazing talents. The range of products grew, and now I have mugs, stickers and greeting cards, and sometimes I get some notebooks. I have also done a couple of collaborations but my biggest collaboration has been with, and is very exciting because our products match quite well.’’

So why penises? Well firstly, Nielsen patterns isn't just about beautifully formed, multi racial genitalia.  There's fruit, rainbows, animals and houseplants but the vagina and penis prints kind of stand out.

‘’Its the  idea of creating something that is very natural but somehow we always feel embarrassed of seeing. We know it exists, we know it is there, but for some reason we blush when we see one or when someone talks about it.

Basically, I want to break a taboo, and I am a pro of talking about sexuality openly’’

Diana Nielsen patterns

willies greeting card

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