New tie-dye sock colours

A fistful of socks

We're super exited to be launching 3 new colours of socks this week. We're always working to bring fresh new socks to our range and we've been having a blast in the last few weeks coming up with new patterns and colour combos!

There's defnietly something of a summer feeling to our new colours!

Orange and pink tie-dye socks

pink and orange tie dye socks

pink and orange tie dye socks

tie dye socks in a sleeve


Tutti Frutti pink socks

Inspired by tutti frutti candies, chewing gum and the like our hot pink socks have flashes of fruit inspired colour.

pink tutti frutti socks

folded over pink socks


Pink yellow ombre socks

Gentle transitions and soothing colours our pink and yellow ombre socks are mellow and cool.

pink yellow ombre socks

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