Look at this mans legs. He's wearing white sports socks for men.

A lovely pair of legs a man wearing white cotton socks

We were delighted to host a mysterious man who arrived at cocks on socks HQ demanding to be photographed in our famous, stylish white socks for men.  He turned up at approximately 2pm, much to everyone's surprise.

Bizarrely, the man was wearing sunglasses.

He then proceeded to strip to his boxers shorts and pose in front of the camera, until he suddenly left at 3.05pm, without his trousers.

We've no idea who he is or how he found cocks on socks, though, as you can see from the photos he has a fantastic pair of legs, ideally suited for modelling men's socks.  Particularly men's novelty socks

If his actions have inspired you to try out stylish white socks then please head to our sock shop to buy white socks for men.

If you come across a man wearing sunglasses, white novelty socks and no trousers in the Tottenham area, feel free to approach, he's very friendly and has considerable knowledge about socks.

If you have more questions about socks then check out our novelty sock guide

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