Limited edition socks coming soon

Edward Fleming

We've got something special lined up.  Its been a while in the making and if we're honest all this Covid-19 nonsense has been no help at all.

We love scouring the internet for anything phallic that could conceivably be turned into a pair of socks.  Imagine then, our delight as we came across this cheeky 18ct gold pendant by London based jeweller Elsa Tierney.

A playful twist on the male member, this uplifting penis design grabbed our attention straight away and we got in contact with Elsa with a proposal to turn her piece into a limited edition sock design.

Happily, she agreed and this limited edition collab will be hitting the website soon!


Elsa, who works out of her East London workshop, uses wax to carve her pieces which are then cast in gold.  The flying cock was actually a bespoke order and was inspired by the flying penises of Pompei.

The Italian city, which was destroyed by a volcano in AD 79, has revealed many fascinating artefacts not least a phenomenal amount of willys.  Its seems the Romans were obsessed and who can blame them.  




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