How to stop my socks going hard and ridgid

How to stop my socks from going hard and ridgid

We’ve all been there, the luxurious pair of socks that you bought just 2-3 months ago have gone hard and rigid.  Whilst not everything hard and rigid is bad, its not great for socks.  Not only are they less comfortable, but they are also more likely to get an unsightly hole that will leave your toes open to the elements.

Luckily, we’ve been working on some tips to keep your cotton sports socks at their best

Use a fabric softener - Honestly, this is a revelation, just a dash of fabric softener in a wash will help to keep everything, not just your socks softer for longer.

Easy on the detergent - Detergent will stiffen the fibres in your clothing.  Bending stiffened fibres will weaken and eventually break them.  If you can still smell and feel the detergent in your clothes when you take them out of the wash then your using too much.

Dont hang them out to dry - Using a dryer will help keep your socks softer for longer.  Personally, I prefer to avoid using a dryer.  Air drying clothes is better for the environment, its carbon-free though if using a dryer helps to prolong the life of your socks and reduce your overall consumption then this could be a goer.

Be careful not to put the dryer on too high, different garments need a different setting. Consider setting aside socks for a special, socks only sesh.

Hopefully with these tips you can look forward to many happy years of comfy soft sock wearing.

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