How to find a great novelty gift for men

Edward Fleming

This the story of Elaine from Manchester who was on the hunt for a novelty gift for her friend from her dance group.  It was Christmas 2019 and the award-winning street dance troop from east Manchester had decided that they were going to give each other secret Santa gifts with a limit of £10.  Not including delivery.

Trying to find a novelty gift for someone can be tough.  Even if you think you know somebody really well, finding a gift that will make them laugh, and that fits in with their personality can be a challenge.

There is no shortage of stores online where you can find novelty gifts and there are some really creative ideas out there.  

Elaine knew that her friend was heavily into cock and he almost always wore socks.  Knowing what your target is into is always a good start as it narrows down the options significantly.

This guy wasn't really into wearing bright colours so Elaine thought that either the black or white novelty socks from cocks on socks would fit the bill perfectly.  He was athletic as fuck, strong, and a brilliant dancer so these socks have to be tough, comfortable, and made for sports.

Luckily, as well as being made from a tough and durable cotton blend, cocks on socks cotton socks were literally made for sport.

Ordering the socks could not have been simpler.  The Cocks on socks online shop allows you to view all the styles that the london based sock brand do and you can select from a range of delivery options.

If you struggle to find your way to the brands website, you can also find them on etsy and on ebay.  Cocks on socks have committed to being a 'no plastic to customer' business and all socks arrive in biodegradable packing.

All cocks on socks orders are dispatched within 24 hours, Monday - to Friday from the North London HQ.



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