How to dye socks

Edward Fleming

We’ve gone colour crazy here at cocks on socks and introduced 7 news colours of sock to our novelty sock range.  Its been a blast and whilst some sock companies would be keen to keep the secrets of their trade private we’re happy to share them with you.

In fact, we’d love you to give it a go yourself and send us some pictures of how you get on.  Tag us on insta and we’ll share it with the world!  It’s super simple, loads of fun and you dont just have to dye socks!  

You will need:

A bucket



Washing up liquid

A washing machine

A tumble dryer

Some gloves

What is the best dye to dye socks?

There are loads of different dyes out there and we dont think there’s any difference in quality, its just about finding a colour you love.  If you use a powered dye then we recommend mixing it into a liquid before adding it to your bucket, so it seems like you may as well buy a liquid to save yourself some time. 

That being said, the first time we dyed socks we used a powder dye and it worked great.

Step 1

Fill your bucket with warm water, add a little salt and a dash a washing up liquid and stir.

Step 2

Dip your socks in and leave them in for 30 seconds, then take them out and squeeze out the excess water.

Step 3

Add your dye to the mix and stir in thoroughly

Step 4

Put your socks back in, fully submerge and leave in for 30 seconds.

Step 5

Take your socks out of the dye and squeeze the excess dye out back into the dye bowl.

Step 6

Rinse your socks in a bowl of freshwater

Step 7

Wash your socks in the washing machine.  Use only a tiny bit of detergent and have the machine on a low setting.  Do not put any other clothes in with your freshly dyed socks as the colours will run!

The process removes the excess dye and means you will not get streaky socks

Step 8

Dry your socks in the tumble dryer on a low heat

Sock dying FAQ

Why do I have to dye them one by one?

To make sure that all of your socks end up being the same colour we recommend dying them one by one so that you can monitor the exact amount of dye that each sock absorbs. Dying large amounts of socks at the same time and leaving them socking in the dye will result in patchy results and the socks will be different colours.

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