How many washes should you expect to get out of white novelty socks?

Serious question.

If you buy a pair of socks for a laugh, say, novelty white cotton socks with a cock on, like ours, then how long do you expect them to last?

It is ok if they fall apart after a couple of washes? We live in a fast-paced throw-away society, things come and go, right? Who's gonna miss a pair of socks?

Hard wearing white cotton sports socks

Well, that's just stupid,

That's what we think anyway, which is why we've put a fucktonne(sp?) of effort into making our white novelty cotton socks, not only funny and fashionable but really comfy and hard-wearing too.

We predict these socks will last 5 years, thats 5 years of getting down the gym, hitting the club or just sitting at home in your pants and socks, watching TV, basically 5 years of hard wear and tear.  That's gotta be worth £7.99

White novelty socks, with cocks on. In this case, black cocks on socks.  We've got it all black cocks on white socks white cocks on black socks, or how about a multi-racial multipack?


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