Hen party gift for the bride

Edward Fleming

Hen party gifts for the bride

Buying a gift for the bride when you’ve been invited on the hen do is your opportunity to show her just how much she means to you and how happy you are for her to be getting hitched!

Hen party gifts dont have to costs a fortune and the saying ‘its the thought that counts’ couldn’t be more on the money for this situation.  There are traditional gifts, funny gifts, cute gifts and homemade gift but what is the best type of hen party gift for the bride?


Funny hen party gift 

You’re almost guaranteed to have a laugh on a hen party so funny gifts go down well.  Anything phallic normally raises a smile and these days there’s hardly anything that somebody hasn’t put a willy on.  Sadly a lot of these products are made from plastic and they aren’t exactly made to last, think penis straws, balloons however there are some that have been designed with longevity in mind.

As an alternative to this and as a great funny gift for the bride tribe, Socks from cocks on socks are made from a high-quality cotton blend and are made to last.  They’re probably the only hen party gift that you’re likely to still have and use in 5 years time and they have a dick on.

What do you get for the girl who has everything?

If shes sports or just likes having warm feet, how about getting her some high-quality cotton blend sports socks, with a cock on?

Cocks on socks novelty socks may as well have been made for in hen parties.  They wernt, weirdly enough, however they fit the bill perfectly.  We actually developed our classic white cotton sports socks for sports.  Any sports really though we hear that they’re ‘ace’ for tennis.

Even if the bride to be isn’t a demon on the court we’re sure she’ll appreciate the quality materials and expert manufacture that went into our socks.  This hen party gift is built to last, you can check out our tips to ‘stop your socks going hard and rigid’ so that your socks will last as long as possible.


We want to you to have the best hen party you possibly can so we’ve been making lists such as the best niche hen party destinations in the UK.  There are loads of great places to check out, also our guide to the best hen party gift for under £11 will give you some more amazing idea for hen party gifts for the bride.  That is if you haven’t already decided that novelty socks from cocks on socks are the gift for you!

Cotton sports socks from cocks on socks

We launched our classic cotton sports socks in 2018 and today we’re offering more colour options than ever before with more added every week.  To see the full-colour range click the image below to see our online store.

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