Funny work socks for men

Edward Fleming

We've all been there, sitting at work bored AF thinking about getting smashed at the weekend.  People of all walks of life, Doctors, Lawyers, Journalists and Tea Ladies all experience this.

But what if there was a product that could alleviate this?

Well, Cocks on socks black bamboo work socks for men have been shown to actually improve focus at work.  Funny work socks for men are one of the best ways to relieve tension in the workplace and send productivity and workplace harmony through the roof.

Funny work socks for men

While good pay and having a nice environment help a bit, having someone in the office whos a bit of a laugh and wears funny socks to work is shown to be the biggest determining factor in having a successful company.

Do you think Elon musk would be where he is today if he didn't wear funny socks to work?  There are no actually pictures or even first hand reports that Mr Musk has ever worn funny socks to work but we have a sneaking suspicion that the wannabe Martian owns a shit load of funny socks.

The black bamboo socks from cocks on socks are said to especially comfortable and perfect for both summer and winter.  You have a choice of cock colours, with both black and white cocks being available via the Cocks on socks online store.

Wanna get ahead at work?  We recommend buying these socks, now.


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