Funny mens cycling socks

Edward Fleming

lots of men cycling on a road wearing socks

Cycling is a GREAT way to get fit, all you need is a bike and the world is your lobster.

'Peddle peddle peddle', thats the inspiring message from the Brentwood over 50's cycling club who we spent some time with this week as they attempted to cycle around the whole of Essex in a week.

The never before tried challenge was proposed last year by the clubs founder Danny Underwood a businessman originally from Harlow, who took to cycling to take his mind off his recent divorce and the Brexit fiasco engulfing the country.

''Now we're leaving EU, we've had to cancel our annual trip to Germany because of the looming tariffs on Englishmen'' said Underwood.

''My ex-wife has taken all my money so if I wanna go anywhere I have to cycle, but it's great, I have made loads of new friends and totally lost my beer belly''

''Yesterday was particularly good, not only did I manage to shave 3 minutes off my best time but, I also managed to successfully hold up a load of people on a busy A-road '' 

The club has become renowned in fashion circles for their choice of socks.  Danny first came across cocks on socks when he was looking for some funny cycling socks for men.  The brands classic white cotton sports socks with either a black or white penis fit the bill and Danny ordered a pair there and then.  

At £7.99 the socks are a real bargain and the cycling club has received plaudits where ever they have gone.

''We got a guard of honour in Saffron Walden'' said Johnny a butcher from Colchester who was wearing white cotton socks with a black penis on.

''The socks are perfect for cycling, you sweat a lot when you cycle and cocks on socks, socks are super absorbent.  They're really comfortable too.''

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