Four men stand in a line wearing novetly socks for men

two men standing wearing white novelty socks


In an act of outstanding synchronization, discipline and courage, two men have completed the task of standing still for a photograph of them wearing socks.

The two men, Australian nationals, maintained the pose for upwards of 30 seconds taking care not to move, while a skilled photographer took snaps, destined for social media and the renowned cocks on socks blog.

'We were delighted to take part' said one, 

'Yeah, right' said the other. 

Initially, it was though the second model was being sarcastic, though it has since become apparent this is just something that Australians say.

'The shoot went well, the socks look great, the models did what was asked of them and we got some amazing shots' said a rightfully proud photographer.  'Mario Testino aint got shit on me' he added.

The shots were initially released on the social medium platform 'Instagram' where they received an unimpressive 50 likes.

'People really need to get their shit together and start liking our posts' said the brand's social media manager.

Novelty mens socks for sale

Cocks on socks is a Tottenham based sock company who makes novelty socks for the men.  Patrons of the brand have been keen to note the comfort and durability of the brands classic white cotton socks as well as the friendly customer service and prompt delivery.

Just over a year old, cocks on socks, socks can be bought online and the brand plans to expand distribution in the UK and overseas in the coming year.  It is understood that the brand is looking to expand its wholesale operation.

The brand operates over multiple social media channels with a loyal following on facebook, instagram and twitter.

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