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Women closes eyes and dreams of cocks on socks

Fashionable women all over the world are ditching Gucci bags, diamonds and luxury holidays for a little known sock brand based in the heart of Tottenham's sock quarter. 

Cocks on socks have been producing discreet penis adorned socks for just over a year and fashion insiders have been the first to jump on board.

''Forget Margiela, Commes de garcon and vetemonts,'' said one excited fashionista.  ''I dont leave the house without my black cotton sports socks with a black penis on, my Moncler coat or my yappy little dog.  What do you think I am, a peasant?''

The socks secretive founder, who communicates only by fax and smoke signals has never revealed him or herself to the media.  The mystique around the brand has lead many to speculate that there is, in fact, a world-famous artist or some other kind of creative genius pulling the string behind the scenes.

funky black bamboo socks

Described as game-changing by several in the industry, the novelty sock brand has operations in Lithuania, Sweden and the United states, where customers have fully embraced the brand's motto of 'buy socks online'.


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