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A little while ago we reached out to artist Evie Price, after seeing her, in her words, 'vandalized' creps on instagram.  We instantly fell in love, footwear and genitals are right up our street so we sent her some of our socks and gave her free rein to create some limited edition socks. We recommend checking Evie out on instagram

We weren't disappointed and you can now find these extremely limited edition socks in store now.

We caught up with Evie to find out more about her work, her influences, and the body.

Evie Price artist

Evie Price

''My biggest influences are probably Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Jenny Saville. I also take big influence from pornography, a lot of it being vintage. Nude imagery was always around me when I was younger as my Grandad was an artist who did a lot of life drawing so I suppose he was a great influence to my work also.
I’ve always liked painting and drawing and I used to make a lot of my own clothes, so combining textile and painting just came naturally. I typically paint with a textile medium/acrylic paint mixture.
Beauty has always been a subject that I’ve explored. I suppose you could say my work was a kind of social experiment to see how people react to the different body types. I really enjoy the mobility and movement that garments give to the imagery. I like that people can carry these images on their bodies in public.
I think I’m so interested in the body because it amazes me. Its ability to adapt and change and how every body is different. I like to think people find a new appreciation for their body when they see it as an artwork. It’s cliche, but to me the body is a piece of art in its own right.''
Evie Price
Evie Price limited edition socks for cocks on socks

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