Donald Trump bankruptcies

Edward Fleming

Donald Trump bankruptcies

The list of catastrophic, moronic decisions by current American President and monumental cunt, Donald Trump is far, far longer than any single blog can contain, so, for now, we are just going to investigate is 6 corporate bankruptcies.

This comes amid unfounded rumours the 73 bellend is considering an investment in cocks on socks, a novelty sock business who sell novelty socks for men and novelty socks for women.

How many times has business genius Donald Trump been bankrupt?

1991 - Trump Taj Mahal

It takes a special kind of genius to build a whacking great icon to cultural appropriation in the midst of a recession but that's what this wanker did.  The now-closed casino resort in Atlantic city never made enough money to cover the cost of its construction and Trump has to sell off his airline and yacht to stay afloat. 

(afloat, yacht, get it?)

Guests at the hotel resort said it looked awful, the rooms were the least tasteful they had ever come across and the whole place stunk like poo.  Industry analysts believe that had review sites like trip advisor and existed in the early 90's then Trumps resort would have achieved a historically low rating, possibly leading to a sarcastic award.


Trump amongst friends



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