Bulk buy socks Australia

Edward Fleming

Bulk buy socks Australia

If you’re looking to get into the sock biz Downunder then you have a few options, one of which is bulk buying socks.

Cocks on socks novelty socks are looking for an Australian distributor to help us spread the word about our phallic novelty socks.  As a British based brand, we find it hard to adequately fulfil orders from Australia. 

The biggest hurdle is obviously distance and the associated postage and packaging costs to send our socks to customers in OZ, not to mention the carbon footprint.  Often the cost of postage exceeds the cost of the sock and they can take weeks to arrive.  There have even been times when our socks have arrived damaged or never reached their destination.

Our dream is to have an Australian based distributor with knowledge of the local market who can fulfil orders in Australia on our behalf as well as contribute to local marketing efforts.

You don’t have to be sock focussed to become a distribution partner.  One of our best wholesale customers in the US deal mainly in ‘low brow’ pin badges but since adding our socks to their product offering its opened up a whole new product category.

As we’re keen to get on board with a distributor we can offer very generous terms including large quantities of stock on sale or return, you only need pay for P&P.

Our socks really move at Christmas, they make a great secret Santa present and they’re fun for all of the family.  Another great occasion for us are hen parties, you often find that.

As well as these two key markets we’ve identified, there are loads of other people who buy our socks that we’d like to know more about. 

We definitely have something of a gay following

Cocks on socks is basically a one-man band and as I’m not LGBT myself I’m very conscious that I dont want to be seen as inauthentic.  We’re fully supportive of the LGBT community somebody who can help us to authentically engage with an LGBT audience 

Cocks on socks charity partners

Since day one, we’ve wanted to hook up with a charity partner, obviously, something to do with testicular cancer, sexual health or gender is a natural fit for us and although we’ve approached charities in the past, we’ve yet to establish any relationships.

We’re keen for that to change and a key part of the project for any Australian distributor is to help find us a local charity partner.

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