Black bamboo work socks for men

Edward Fleming

Black bamboo mens work socks

Brown brogues and black bamboo men's work socks?

Can I get a ''hell yeah?''

No, ok.

close up of cocks on socks cock

I dont know what's wrong with you guys, maybe your just not as excited about this super pairing as I am.  I can tell you, first hand, that the black bamboo work socks from cocks on socks are the only socks you need when your wearing brogues.

Bamboo is an amazing material, known for its comfort and softness, which is exactly why cocks on socks decided it was ideal for their first venture into the world of men's work socks.

Shop mens work socks now

I've worked in the famed Piccadilly Arcade that connects Jermyn Street to Piccadilly and the number of admiring glances and straight-up compliments about this pairing was off the charts.

 You can't beat a classic, that's what I always say.

The embroidered penis is as shapely as they come and comes in 2 shades so you can rock the black cock on black socks look one day and the white cock on black sock look the next.  Keeping your look fresh and up to date.

Dont neglect the details

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