Black bamboo socks for men uk

Edward Fleming

black bamboo socks for sale uk

Are you looking to buy black bamboo men's socks in the UK?

There are many advantages to living in the UK.  The fantastic weather, the tasty food and until fairly recently, membership of the European Union.  One great aspect of living in Great Britain, which has received relatively little attention until now, is that you can buy black bamboo socks for men, from cocks on socks.

The brand is based in the UK and has expanded its range of socks with cocks on to include black bamboo socks for men, with both black and white cocks on.

The flaccid, but shapely, member makes a striking addition to any gentleman's wardrobe and subtly adorns the ankle upon these black bamboo socks.

Its the product that nobody asked for, but everybody wants.  Black bamboo socks with a willy on, a novelty sock for the internet age.

The dress socks have been initially launched in one size, suitable for UK shoe sizes 6-13 and are packaged in a cardboard sleeve.  They come with the option of either a black or a white penis.

The brand has been quick to point out that both penis colour options feature willys and balls of exactly the same size, including different skin tones, is about inclusion and not stereotyping based on race. 

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