Black bamboo mens work socks

Edward Fleming

Cocks on socks black bamboo socks

Do you work in an office and wear a smart suit to work like the headless guy above?

Do you make a shit load of money? Well good for you.

But are you happy? No, well we've got something to cheer you up.  Super comfy, beautifully made black men's bamboo work socks with either a black or white penis embroidered on them.

As you can see below, the penis has a realistic pink tip and very shapely balls.



Navigating the office dress code can be tricky, how do you show how funny, special and unique you are whilst looking smart and sticking to the rules.  

Well, natty socks are the way to go.  

But dont just take our word for it, we took a survey of our closest friends and family to give you an unbiased, objective opinion about our socks.  Everyone agreed that if you work in an office and need to wear socks to work, these socks are the socks for you. 

Black men's socks, black men's bamboo socks actually, with penises on from cocks on socks.

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