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Edward Fleming

Are cocks on socks the best men's socks?

Well, it seems as though many people think so, as we've seen a dramatic spike to sales over the last week, sparking fears of a sock shortage over the Christmas period.

There is stiff competition from other sock brands, some sock brands have been around for decades but some people seem to think that cocks on socks are now the best men's socks in the UK.

White cotton tennis socks for women

But, why?

Well, if there is one thing that makes cocks on socks stand out from the rest its the comfort and quality of our socks.  Some people think its the willy, but that's a phallusy, its the material and manufacture that give these socks the edge.

Mechanically fashioned by artisans in the far east, cocks on socks white cotton sports socks for men have become a genre-defining sock in the white novelty cotton socks for men category.

Customer service is at the heart of what this sock brand too.  The brand maintains a commitment to fulfilling all customer orders, using an innovative 'pack and post ' system whenever an order comes in.

From tiny acorns, the mighty oak tree grows.

The brand started with just the classic white cotton sports socks with a white embroidered penis on but have always planned on a considerably larger range with socks in all colours and penis in a wide variety of skin tones, making up the most comprehensive range of rude novelty socks on the web.

At present, the brand has a range which includes white cotton socks for men with a black or white embroidered penis on and white cotton socks for women with a black or white penis on.

They also do black cotton socks for men and black cotton sports socks for women with either a black or white penis on.



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