7 of the best Novelty Socks

Edward Fleming

Top 7 Novelty Socks.

 Looking for a fun way to accessorize without blowing your budget? Why not invest in some good quality, novelty socks that will be sure to help you to personalize your style!

There is a pair of novelty socks for everyone, every personality and for all tastes. Here are our top 7 recommendations, with number 1 being our top recommendation!

 White cotton cocks on socks

1) Cock on Socks.

Surprise mother fuckers! Our own list puts us at the top!

Enjoy playing tennis or other sports but also like including shock value wherever you go? Have a look at our incredible white cotton socks with an embroidered penis that will have people laughing their heads off! Our cocks on socks, socks will definitely be a staple in your wardrobe. In addition to wearing them to play sports, they are perfect to wear around the house, over the weekends and almost everywhere you go - they are that versatile! This pair of novelty socks is by far our favourite and has earned the number one spot. If you would like to wear the best pair of novelty socks that we have researched, why not buy them here now at the following place which is well-known to be a supplier of the best socks around:

 Cocks on socks does tennis

 funny novelty socks

 2) Bring Me Tacos Socks

These socks are a great gift for the taco lover in your life! The socks feature a cheeky request to bring the wearer tacos if you can read the socks. They also look incredibly comfortable and are suitable for both casual and smart wear. Just a warning, though, when wearing them, you will be tempted to order in some tacos immediately. You can purchase these great socks by using the following link:


 Best novelty socks

3) Silly Sneaker Socks.

Do you love pranking people and silly jokes? Well, these silly sneaker socks will become one of your favourite socks because they look like you’re wearing sneakers when you are wearing only a pair of socks! These socks are great for wearing over the weekend or at a party (great conversation starter). These are also perfect for quirky people who like something very different in a pair of socks. They are available at the following place:


 funny sock list

4) Funny Emoji Socks.

If you overuse and love emojis on social media, you are going to love these hilarious emoji socks which feature great emojis to make you smile even on a Monday morning! They may not go with all of your business attire but you can definitely wear them to college or if you are having a casual day. If you really like them, then you can buy them at the following place:



5) Hangry Socks.

Hangry is a scary combination of being hungry, being angry at the same time and desperate for food. Does this sound like you or someone you know? Perfect, because these socks were definitely made for the angry person. They will make a wonderful gift! If you like the idea of telling the world that you are hangry, these socks perfectly describe what it’s like being hangry! You can purchase them at the following place:


 poop emoji novelty socks

6) Poop Emoji Socks.

Not everyone likes toilet humor but there are a lot of people who enjoy joking around about this kind of thing. The following socks have poop emoji graphics and will be ideal if you want to wear your humor on your feet! This pair of socks is also dark in color and would be ideal to wear to work or with your favorite pair of jeans. Sound good? Great, because you can buy these funny socks at the following place:


 Shark socks

7) Shark Socks.

These really awesome, shark socks will scare the living daylights out of anyone who catches a glimpse of your feet! The socks look like a lot of fun and feature a shark’s massive teeth. This pair of socks can be worn with your favorite business suit (to add in a bit of fun) as well as at home or over the weekend. Shark lovers will not think twice about buying these great socks which are available at the following place:




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