Cocks on socks

Have you ever looked at a cock, then a sock and thought 'that would make a hell of a sock brand?' Well, we did and thats why today we're proud to bring you premium quality socks, with cocks on, from  Initially availble in 4 skin tones or as a multi racial multi pack, impress your friends with these high end, high brow penis socks.

Made by artisans in the far east, our socks are super comfy and long lasting as well as having our trademark floppy dick on.

We ship worldwide and have a variety of shipping options to choose from.

You can keep up to date with all of our sock related news over on the blog.  We write about our socks, special offers, business news and even try our hand at a little sattire which always seems to include a link back to our favourate subject, phallic hoisery.

Our current range includes white cotton socks with a white or black penis in either small or medium size.  Black cotton sports socks with either a black or white penis in small or medium size and bamboo work socks for mens with either a black or white schlong on, in medium size only.

We are looking to expand our range of both cock and sock colours in future and all product suggestions are welcome.  

We love to hear from you at any time, e-mail